Total apprenticeship lengths vary from 36 to 48 months. Our academic team will meet with you, evaluate all previous experience and certifications and provide you with your personal apprenticeship roadmap. 

Many Applicants Are Given Up To 6 Months Credit For The Following: 

• PACT CERTIFICATION (Pre-Apprenticeship Certification Training)

• OSHA 10

• Advanced Certifications and Training Specific to The Field of Study

• 2 or More Years of Work Experience in The Field of Study


Our tuition is fraction of the cost of other Institutions or Colleges. We have made the programs extremely affordable and they vary per apprenticeship. Many participants will qualify for funding to offset the cost or have the entire apprenticeship program paid through The Department of Labor, Pell Grants and other funding sources. 

Our specialist’s direct candidates to funding sources based on their need and qualifications for available funds. We understand the difficulties in attaining student loans and other finance options so we also created an in-house finance program that works for any participant.

Many of our employer partners pay some or even all tuition for their apprentices also.


• Personal Apprenticeship Roadmaps: Track your Progress In Real Time

• Academic Coaches Update Our State of The Art Apprenticeship Tracking System For You Which Maintains all Documentation You Need for Certifications and Licensures

 Classroom and Online Academic Training

 Accessible Coaches

 Work Full Time While Earning Your Journeyman / Full DOL Registered Apprenticeship / State License

• Save Time and Money: A Fraction of The Cost Paid at Other Institutions and Colleges