327 Careers Mission

327 CAREERS mission is to educate and inform students who are not college bound about the benefits of the path in a skilled labor trade and assisting them through education, training, pre-apprenticeships, full apprenticeships, job and career placement.

We service many industries but specialize in apprenticeships in the building, construction and manufacturing industries, educating and informing students about the benefits of the path in a skilled labor trade and the HIGH DEMAND and PAY employers offer for these skilled trades.

327 Careers Vision

Our state of the art, comprehensive, European Style Model provides a solid alternative for students who are not college bound.  The platform we have created integrates new and existing programs to include the crucial foundation of intensive Cognitive Behavior Training (CBT) through Megiddo Dream Station, nationally certified academic and practical on the job training through pre-apprenticeships and career placements with motivated employers seeking certified skilled labor workers. This combination will make an immediate and significant impact on students, employers and local communities.

327 Careers Difference

Our model works. It’s that simple. We have created a success formula for both apprentices and employers that fill the void in high demand skilled careers.

  • Our PACT Programs are certified through the Department of Labor.
  • Our PACT Programs are recognized nationally.
  • Our holistic approach integrates CBT Coaches who teach invaluable soft, life and work skills that support our apprentices to make good decisions, develop excellent work etiquette and learn to become valued employees.
  • Our team of coaches include: skilled tradesmen and professionals in each program we offer as well as experienced CBT coaches.  They work together to support apprentices and employers during the on the job training to ensure the participants gain skills, develop experience in their trade and become a productive part of their employer’s team.
  • Our programs offer certificates beyond the basics to include Safety Certificates, making our apprentices more valuable in the workplace.
  • Many participants will qualify for funding to offset the cost or pay for the entire pre-apprenticeship through SC Works, Pell Grants and other funding sources. Our specialists direct candidates to funding sources based on their need and qualifications for available funds.
  • Our support resources extend beyond the classroom and on the job training to include online resources, community assistance resources, scholarships and fundraisers.

Our Supporters

In Aiken, SC

From Left to Right

Reverend Paul Bush, Dr. Steven Simmons – Dean of Business at Aiken Tech College, Colin Slaven – Executive Director of Second Chance Job Center, Pat Keating – Director of Adult Education, Neil Heyside – CEO of Neil Heyside Associates, Tom Wyatt – Entrepreneur, Weldon Wyatt – Entrepreneur, Reverend Doug Slaughter, Lessie Price – Aiken City Council, Captain Nick Gallam – Aiken Detention Center, Deborah Reese – Executive Director of 327 Careers, Melinda Hernandez – Edkerd, Charles Barranco – Aiken County Chief of Police, Robert Crenshaw – Apprentice South Carolina.

National Association of Homebuilders / HBI & PACT

The National Association of Home Builder’s and their non profit counterpart The Home Builders Institute are the foundation entities that 327 Careers Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Training Programs in the building and construction industries are built on. The commitment of the HBI’s PACT Program to provide tomorrow’s tradesmen has lead to the creation of 8 to 10 Pre-Apprenticeship Programs designed to specifically support business owners in the construction and building industry.

Charleston County School District

CCSD Career & Technology Education Programs of Study aligns itself with employer demand locally to provide seamless pathways for all students to become “Future Ready” for College and Careers.
Our partnership with CCSD allow us to educate and inform students about the benefits of a path in a skilled labor trade for those who are not college bound.

From Left to Right

Chad Vail – Work-based Learning Partnerships Coordinator / Career & Technology Education Support Team, John Steinberger – Low Country Source President, Roxanne Phillips – CTE Department Head, Debbie Reese – 327 Careers Executive Director, Bridget Runyon – Director of School Counseling, Colin Slaven – Executive Director of Second Chance Job / Career Center

Department of Labor

Our 16 week Pre-Apprenticeships PACT curriculum is one of only three U.S. Department of Labor-recognized pre-apprenticeship curricula. Students who graduate from an HBI Licensed PACT program enter the job market with an: Industry-recognized, portable, pre-apprenticeship credential that is: Accepted by The Department of Labor (DOL) and qualifies them for employment in the U.S. Building Industry.

Apprenticeship Carolina

Apprenticeship Carolina, a division of the SC Technical College System works to ensure all employers in South Carolina have access to the information and technical assistance they need to create demand-driven registered apprenticeship programs. Our personal Apprenticeship Carolina consultant Robert Crenshaw has guided us through the registered apprenticeship development process for many of our pre-and full apprenticeships from start to finish having them fully recognized in the national Registered Apprenticeship System.

Help Support 327 Careers Efforts

Our belief is that it takes a village to make a difference. There are so many opportunities to support 327 Careers including volunteering, teaching, donating and fundraising.

Please contact us directly to inquire.